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Bloomfield, Ontario K0K 1G0
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Welcome to our craft distillery located on a beautiful 80 acre farm in Prince Edward County. Our tasting room is in the historic Cooper-Norton house.
This ornate second empire house was built in 1874 by a wealthy Hops grower, Bert Cooper, during the County’s Barley Days. The Hops barn next to the house remains intact with it’s drying floors and brick ovens.

Copper is an important element in the production of spirits as it helps to eliminate unwanted flavour congeners which would detract from the quality of the final product.
Following mashing of the grains, fermentation is allowed to occur in temperature controlled fermenters. Our products are then distilled using a handmade copper still.

White spirits are filtered and bottled on site. Dark spirits are allowed to mature in our barrels. Prior to bottling, the spirits are diluted to their final drinking strength with our own pure artesian well water.